Forgive Your Way To Freedom


Forgiveness is a commitment AND a process 

​We want to forgive, but it's hard.  We try, but we are unable to forget how we've been hurt and our hurtful memories leave us stuck. 

Our painful past impacts our peace in the present and threatens to sabotage our purpose for the future.  These experiences can tattoo themselves on our hearts and leave indelible scars on our souls.  And if left unresolved, they can control how we think, which impacts how we feel, and ultimately determines how we live every day of our lives.

Once you've made a commitment to forgive, the first step is to fully understand the true meaning and full power of forgiveness. 

​The second step is to resolve the pain of the past instead of rushing through the process so you can leave it in the past once and for all. 

The third step is to find peace in the present so you can manage your emotions instead of being controlled by them. 

The fourth step is to now move on with your life by reclaiming your purpose.  The book, Forgive Your Way to Freedom, will walk you through the entire process with practical teaching, illustrations, discussion questions, devotional thoughts, applications, prayers, and true stories from people who have found freedom through forgiveness. 

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Forgive Your Way To Freedom

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